We are a small hotel with eight family bungalows within a coffee growing farm with an ecological environment in the Department of Retalhuleu.

Hotel & Bungalows El Jardín is located in the San Vicente El Jardín farm, which for many years was dedicated to the coffee and banana planting, producing its own coffee brand named Valle Lirio coffee. The crisis of the coffee forced us to look for new options.

The Recreation Institute for the Guatemalan Workers ( I.R.T.R.A.) for many years and with a great vision has worked on the development of the country. Efficiently administrating the money of the workers of the private enterprises they created the parks known today as XOCOMIL (aquatic park) and XETULUL (theme park with amusement rides), a pride for all Guatemalans and the town of Retalhuleu.

It is currently open to a broad public and IRTRA has provided a perfect opportunity for the touristic development in the region of Retalhuleu, having born in this way the idea to build a hotel to attend the growing touristic demand in the region.

    Our Mission  
Become a group of persons dedicated to provide to our guests with comfort, clean place, safety, entertainment and a family environment surrounded of vegetation and nature; stimulating the senses and facilitating the resting.
Our Vision

Become a leading company in its segment contributing to the development of the Department of Retalhuleu and Guatemala, maintaining a lasting relationship with our clients, contributing to improve the quality of life of our workers and the rest of the population in the area and to keep harmony with nature and improving the ecological characteristics of the region.



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